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Strategic Narrative

Authentic storytelling: Building trust in a divided world

According to Edelman’s 2023 Trust Barometer, business is the only area which is seen as both competent and ethical – observing a rise in ‘ethical’ for the third year in...

Struggle and endeavour
Strategic Narrative

What makes a great story: #1 Struggle and endeavour

We’re often asked why a good strategic or change narrative can be so compelling, why its cut-through can be so dramatic and fast, and how it can shift mindsets and...

Excited to be part of Accenture

A new chapter

After 20 years pioneering the power of storytelling to activate people, accelerate change and unlock extraordinary performance, we are delighted to be embarking on an exciting new chapter, announcing today...

Reimagining Leadership through storytelling masterclass

Reimagining Leadership

Virtual masterclass - 2nd November 2023. This introductory session focuses on the development of storytelling skills for senior leaders of large, complex organisations and provides guidance on utilising a story-driven approach...

Steve Jobs "My job is not to be easy on people. My jobs is to make them better'

Inspirational leadership storytelling techniques Steve Jobs built Apple’s success on

Steve Jobs was not just a tech visionary; he was a master storyteller who used narratives to inspire, motivate, and shape the culture at Apple. He understood that stories have...

Imagin if leaders were more interested in making a difference and less afraid of messing up

What can Bill Gates and the Rolling Stones teach us about defining leadership moments? 

Thinking back to some great leadership moments that changed the world, I immediately hit some 90’s nostalgia with the Windows 95 launch on 24 August 1995. Bill Gates is in...

Imagine if leaders were not just nodding heads - image of Nelson Mandela

The power of storytelling in leadership  

Leadership is an art as much as it is a science. While leadership theories, strategies, and skills are important, the ability to connect with and inspire others often separates good...


Storytelling Bootcamp – Reimagining Sales

Virtual workshop - 6th October 2023. This introductory session focuses on the development of storytelling skills for sales leaders and provides guidance on utilising a story-driven approach to accelerate sales and...

Put yourself in their shoes

Putting ourselves in sales leaders’ shoes

Selling is full of ugly jargon. Thinking of customers as ‘prospects’ and ‘leads’, using expressions like pipelines, deal-flows, MQLs, and customer acquisition costs, gives selling, and sales-people a bad name....

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