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Employee Engagement

What can we learn from the ‘emotion revolution’ that is transforming the workplace?

It has been reported that only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged at work (Gallup, 2014). This statistic is staggeringly low, and it has been shown that these disengaged employees are...


Welcome to the next episode…

The new year has already brought a spate of major events that have signalled what is to come in the third decade of this millennium. Climate change, Big Tech, Brexit...


Why change fails: our top ten

It has widely been reported that 70 per cent of change programmes fail. In a world in which technology, business and market demands are changing faster than ever, this is...

Strategic Narrative

Storytelling: how to reset an organisation’s narrative to inspire change

In today’s VUCA world, where change is constant and where inspirational leadership has become a critical requirement for high-performing businesses, storytelling has become a recognised skill for leaders in organisations...


Harmonise Ambiguity: Lead the Chorus with Story

In Feel Like a Number, 1978’s plaintive rock paean to crushing corporate anonymity, the American songwriter Bob Seger roars about life as “just another spoke in a great big wheel,...


Storytelling your way to resilient teams and better business

A healthy business starts with healthy employees. Increasingly in the UK – where over half of all work absences in the UK are now due to work-related stress, anxiety or...


Hays Travel needs a good story to tell…

With the shock waves from Thomas Cook’s demise still reverberating around the travel industry, news this week that Hays Travel, run by husband and wife team John and Irene Hays,...

Strategic Narrative

Why purpose-led mission and narrative hold the key to transformation

A new report has recognised purpose-led mission as the driving force behind the world’s most successful business transformations. Narrative is the fastest and most sustainable way to harness its value.   ...


Telling the Story of a Fit Financial Future

In early July Deutsche Bank, the biggest bank in the eurozone’s biggest economy, announced it was cutting 18,000 jobs – part of sweeping measures to reduce costs by approximately 6...

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