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Ebook: Hosting a powerful and memorable virtual event

The nature of history is that major crises, like wars and rebellions, have sparked movements of change and seminal innovations. For example, at the end of WW2, the EU was...


The pandemic care package: putting customers first

Bringing values to life All companies want to find ways of turning their abstract values into concrete corporate actions. For one major bank, they knew that they wanted to place...


The age of story

Welcome to the age of meaning.  Today’s world is like nothing we’ve ever known. The forces of change – health, technology, globalisation, demographics, climate – transform the way we work,...


The integrity of purpose

Ruined reputations spin lasting stories. We are living through times where the careless, the insensitive, or the selfish act can impact not only the reputations of those responsible but also...


‘Showing we care’: creating employee empathy through stories

Inspiring a culture of caring  For any company whose mission involves the provision of personal services, employee-customer connections are essential to success. For one global hotel brand seeking to become...


A new hope

There is hope in stories. Our journey to the ‘new normal’ has been an arduous one. There have been times for all of us when our destination has seemed out...


Learning from lapses: using stories for change

Inspiring introspection Companies survive and thrive when they cultivate a culture of excellence and positively improve human lives. If mistakes are made, livelihoods can be threatened, and customers short-changed. When...


The road to resilience: why stories matter

The ancient Stoics taught that we must learn to control what can, and relinquish control over what we can’t, accepting that disaster may come and go – perhaps perpetually. The...


Navigating to the new normal: are you ready?

Businesses now, more than ever, require a collective resilience and clear strategy to navigate through one of the most unprecedented times of crisis in history since World War II. As...

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