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Visions of the Future

Visions of the Future: Artificial Intelligence

6thDecember, 2017: What can you do in twenty-four hours? Navigate your car, eyes fatigue-filled and mind preoccupied, through the London traffic; send a dozen important emails; make your way, anticipation augmenting, down...


Orchestrating with stories

“Stories are a way to capture the relationships between things.” – Gregory Bateson We live in complex times: organisations are constantly changing, teams are more diverse by the minute. And...


The 3Ms: shifting the culture of an entire country

When it comes to shifting culture, here at The Storytellers we know that continuously providing the ‘3Ms’ – motivation, means and momentum – is absolutely critical towards making real change...

Visions of the Future

Visions of the Future: Cannabis Legalisation

12th July, 2018: Consider: you, heart throbbing, fingers clenched tightly over keys and cold cash, cautiously glancing around a lamplit alley. Silhouetted in a corner is one ominous hooded figure:...


Creating your own cultural revolution

‘Marks and Spencer needs a cultural revolution’ said the Sunday Times. In an interview with Chairman Archie Norman, he remarked that many ‘competent people, smart people… the glitterati of the...


Storytelling: to provide all people

To celebrate the 70th birthday of the National Health Service (NHS), BBC Wales produced an emotional film named ‘To provide all people’. The poetic script weaves together real-life stories of...

Strategic Narrative

Five defining moments of the World Cup so far

If journalism is the practice of picking up on the threads of existing stories, exploring how events of today impact those narratives, and exploring where the future could take us,...

Strategic Narrative

Episodic storytelling: beyond the myth

“Life is a spiral staircase… the journey is both repetitious and progressive; we go both round and upward.” – Y.B Yeats When it comes to understanding the power and influence...

Visions of the Future

Visions of the Future: Better Shelter

June, 2015, Älmhult, Sweden: Another day, another deluge of stories about a world in desperate need of aid. Whether you open a newspaper or your Facebook newsfeed, the crises, the...

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