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Stories from the Csuite CFA Institute

Webinar: ‘Transformation in Asia’ with Nick Pollard – MD APAC, CFA Institute

The pace of change shows no signs of slowing in Asia. In such a diverse region, with many distinct markets, languages, and cultures, leaders need a special set of skills...


Unlocking business transformation in Asia

Download the essential skill set for leaders 2020 was a year of rapid and continuous change, and that has continued in 2021. Such explosive change for organisations is truly unprecedented,...

Stories from the C-suite AXA Health

Webinar: ‘The Future of Health’ with Tracy Garrad – CEO, AXA Health

One shared outcome of the pandemic has to be the relevance of healthcare to all of us – no matter where we live, our age, or our profession. Globally, health...


Exploring the true meaning of ‘digital’

The power of digital has saved us as a nation, enabling organisations, colleagues, communities, friends and families to stay connected through a period of dramatic disruption. We now have a...

Stories from the C-suite: Noble Foods

Webinar: ‘Food for thought’ with Duncan Everett – CEO, Noble Foods

The past year has thrown a lot up in the air – our plans, work, where we go and who we can see – but one thing has remained a constant...

Stories From the Csuite - Hostelworld

Webinar: ‘Navigating Crisis’ with Gary Morrison – CEO, Hostelworld

Many industries have been hit hard by COVID, but it is undeniable that the travel industry has been dealt consistent blows with no respite. It is facing prolonged turbulence and...

Article in The Times Raconteur Future of Work supplement

Storytelling helps leaders navigate choppy waters

In our article, featured in The Times Future of Work supplement, we explain how inspirational leadership is a core requirement for high-performing businesses in 2021. Moreover, storytelling has become a...

StoryLive virtual event

StoryLive: discover the power of a story-driven virtual event

StoryLive is our live virtual event solution. Using the latest innovations in virtual conferences, CGI, and interactive technology, we create an unrivalled level of emotional connection and immersion through our...


‘Talking Talent’ with Alistair Cox – CEO, Hays plc

The pandemic, lockdowns and working from home have changed the way we work in unprecedented ways. As a part of our ‘Stories from the C-Suite’ webinar series, we spoke to...

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