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Employee disengagement a global revolution

Consultants Towers Perrin have released the results of a new study which finds that a quarter of employees are actively disengaged – but much of this is down to their...


Narrative is everything

Simon Caulkin writes in The Observer this week that stories permit ‘meaning and memory’. Like mnemonics, stories enable us to absorb and remember incredibly complex detail. Stories have always been...


Meaning and fulfilment

Not sure about the idea of teepees in carparks , but we certainly go along with Daniel Allen’s views on employee engagement today in the Times…


Finding Betty

A CEO friend of mine attended a talk the other day on organisational culture. The speaker recounted the time he and his wife checked into a hotel bedroom. On the...


America’s safest employers rate high employee engagement

I read recently that the 12 Safest Companies in America all have one thing in common – a passion for safety. Question: How do you instil that passion? Answer: Employee...


Bored at work?

I always enjoy reading what David Bolchover has to say. I wonder how many of us concur with his view that while we might be just a little bored with...


What makes a good leader?

There has been an interesting, week-long-so-far debate on Melcrum’s SCM forum about what makes a good leader. The response has been amazingly varied. As the Conservative Party enters its final...



I never cease to be amazed by some of the language that comes out of companies today. And I don’t mean cursing and swearing. It’s the jargon that people use....


Blame our managers

When Adam Crozier recently remarked that a good proportion of Royal Mail managers were sub-standard, I suspect a large number of CEO’s secretly empathised with him, in the knowledge that...

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