Activation events and experiences

Activation events and experiences


We partner with senior leadership teams to activate strategy by bringing a new sense of purpose, unity and energy into their organisation through story-driven events



Activating leaders and employees through events and experiences that include:
  • Inspirational large or smaller-scale events – in-person, virtual and hybrid
  • Action-orientated engagement – interactive tools and installations, digital immersive experiences and workshops
  • End-to-end support through world-class content development, coaching, facilitation and leading-edge technical production

Traditional events and conferences often fail to deliver lasting value. Our story-driven approach – created and delivered by a unique blend of expert change consultants, creatives and event professionals – shakes people out of inertia, takes them on a journey, builds belief and equips people to take action.

At the centre of our event experience design is a profound understanding of the power of a clear and compelling narrative; the importance of emotional resonance, storytelling and personal connection; the creation of defining moments that demonstrate messages through carefully curated experiences and environments; the power of an aligned Executive team communicating one clear story; and the capability to connect the whole organisation to that story.


Achieving impact with NI Leadership events



What’s different about a Storytellers event?

Whilst the techniques and technology available to us are constantly advancing, our core story-driven experience design principles stay consistent. Whether your event is intimate or arena-sized, hours or days long, in-person, virtual or hybrid, at the centre of everything we design and deliver is our unique ability to connect hearts and minds and our focus on the following:

Story-driven experience
With a clear narrative running through the entire event, we’re able to bring context to and meaningfully structure wide-ranging, complex strategic messaging and take the leaders on a memorable emotional journey.

Inspiring leadership
With some expert coaching, the Executive team and their messages are powerfully and visibly aligned behind one clear narrative, helping to build belief in the journey and trust in their leadership.

Interactivity and technology
Ensuring that voices are heard and counted is critical to engagement and a sense of ownership. Using leading-edge technology to interact with the stage, screens and audience (in-person and virtual) the leaders and employees become an active part of the storytelling.

Creativity and experience design
We dream and design for how we want we want the audience to feel as well as what we want them to know, think and do. Bringing the story to life can involve any number of inspiring presentation and theatrical techniques; immersive installations and walk-throughs; films; speakers; workshops, games and exercises. At the heart of our experience design is a big creative concept and visual identity that captures the emotional core of the message and guides all related event collateral, campaigns and experiences for a deeper connection to the journey.

Capability building
Leaders understanding how to role model the Story they’ve heard, effectively bring it to life and use it as a conversation tool with their teams is a key event objective. Our learning designers and leadership experts equip leaders and influencers with storytelling skills and tools to engage their teams and drive the activation.

World-class production combined with strategy activation expertise
The Storytellers offer a full end-to-end event and experience design service. Working hand in hand with our Consultants and clients, our diverse in-house team design and deliver events that never compromise on quality and showcase decades of experience and expertise across large-scale live event production, technology and innovation, creative strategy, experience design, workshop and learning design, world-class facilitation, TV producing, theatre direction, filmmaking, graphic and digital design, strategic writing and Executive presentation coaching.

Our clients have benefited from:

  • Moment-defining events, launching new strategies and transformations with 90-100% scores on ‘understand the strategy’
  • Empowered leaders, committed to clear priorities with the capability and storytelling skills to refocus and motivate their team 
  • Momentum-building experiences from events to workshops and digital experiences – increasing employee engagement scores and eNPS to 85+, reinforcing behaviour change, recognising progress on the journey and sharing best practice and innovations
  • Highly skilled and inspirational leadership presence through focused and expert mentoring, masterclasses, speechwriting and presentation coaching – reflected in double-digit shifts in leadership team rating scores

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