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Webinar: ‘Talking Talent’ with Alistair Cox – CEO, Hays plc

The pandemic, lockdowns and working from home have changed the way we work in unprecedented ways. In this episode of our ‘Stories from the C-Suite’ webinar series, we speak to Alistair Cox, CEO of Hays plc about the world of work in a COVID environment. A trained aeronautical engineer with an MBA from Stanford and background spanning consultancy, strategic planning and extensive time spent working in Asia; Alistair’s approach to recruitment is forward-thinking, unique and globally-minded. Forces of change are sweeping across the recruitment industry, and we wanted to know how Alistair is navigating this tumultuous, but also very exciting landscape, and what the future of recruitment looks like to him. 

In our ‘Stories from the C-Suite’ series, we talk to CEOs who we believe are expert storytellers about the challenges of leading through change and what the next stage in the journey is for them. 

We explored topics such as: 

  • The impact of the pandemic on the recruitment industry
  • How technology is shaping the future of work
  • What an optimal workplace culture looks like in a world of remote working and constant change 

The challenges created by the pandemic are showing no sign of slowing down. As it becomes clear that this crisis is changing how people live, work and spend their free time, successful business leaders will adjust to these seismic societal shifts by staying nimble, flexible and creatively future-proofing their organisations.

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Alison Esse

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