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It’s official: “PowerPoint is powerless!”

And by the way, those words aren’t mine, guv. But I am compelled to celebrate some new research that dubs PowerPoint presentations a disaster, doing more to switch off the...


What will they think of next?

Honestly, the stories these banks are coming up with. Are they doing it just to get some PR? First RBS insists that its employees bank with them, or else…. and...


Want to increase profitability?

OK. We all know it. Creating true employee engagement in large organisations is no mean feat. True engagement (which doesn’t just come from a nice looking newsletter as we all...


National storytelling week

The 7th UK National Storytelling Week is set to run from Saturday 27 January – Saturday 3 February.  Building on the success of the 2006 week which saw 900 events...


Drop the jargon

The CIPD has declared that management speak is a key factor in reducing the support and trust that staff have in their managers. We couldn’t agree more – and some...


That trust thing

When it comes to successful cascading of information, all paths lead to leaders – how they role-model the actions and behaviours they expect from their teams, how they communicate down...


Lead by example in communications

Much of our work focuses on getting leaders to understand and explore how they will role-model the actions and behaviours that are required to change those of their teams. But...


Common frustration?

How many of you get frustrated at having to go through national (or international) call centres to get through to the local branch of your bank? That is, if they...


Managers critical to employee engagement

…and to follow on from my last blog, here’s something that reinforces the issue!

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