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Are you ready to get digital? How to unlock connection through virtual events

Virtual events still sound a little futuristic, but they have been happening since 1993, when the world’s first live stream brought us the exciting webcam footage from a coffee machine...

Visions of the Future

Welcome to our new Commercial Director!

The Storytellers are delighted to have appointed Olly Woodhead to its management team as Commercial Director. Olly is an experienced commercial leader, who has spent the last four years as...


Cultivating customer connections: delivering meaningful change through stories

The customer retention challenge The best businesses know that their success is – in large part – based on the willingness of their customers and clients to keep returning. The...


We can be heroes: how to ‘nudge’ people into action

Stay at Home. Protect the NHS. Save Lives. In these unimaginable times we have all found ourselves living in a strap-line. The government knows that right now, life-and-death action depends...


Make the connection: top tips for running a virtual event

We know that connecting people to the journey your business is on is more critical now than ever before. Millions of employees are suddenly working in ways that are disconnected...


The case for connectivity

It is 1979. The ‘Walkman’ has just been introduced to the Japanese market. Within three months, its entire stock of 30,000 units has sold out. For a decade after its...


Leading through adversity

As we enter into this period of cataclysmic change – sudden, unexpected, invisible, intangible and without doubt lasting – it’s a dismal picture for many businesses which are feeling the...

Employee Engagement

Turning a business’s fortunes on its head: delivering meaningful change through stories

The challenge Standards at one packaging business were already highly competitive. But the new CEO believed he could raise them even further. His big ambition was to improve operational performance...


Connect with kindness: responding to Covid-19

Stories are fascinating things. They convey huge amounts of information. They help people to make meaning of things and rapidly learn. They impact behaviours and spark ideas. Storytelling itself has...

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