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Cruise ships are lined up in dry dock. Aeroplanes are sitting on the tarmac. If businesses haven’t ground to a halt, most are under severe stress. These are anxious, uncertain and stressful times of change for business leaders. Whether you come out fighting forward, first out of the blocks, or whether you lose the opportunity this crisis presents, will depend on the narrative in which you engage your employees, suppliers, customers and investors. That narrative needs to be simple, crystal clear and compelling – a narrative that inspires hope and confidence, driven by your purpose. And this is where we can help.

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What we have developed together with The Storytellers is paving the way forward for us.
Gert De Winter, CEO, Baloise Group
The programme triggered a dramatic shift in engagement scores with 100% employee understanding and clarity around strategy, goals and Purpose, Vision and Values.
Kerry Foods
For us, yesterday was a risk, a voyage into unchartered territory. We trusted you and you delivered.
Jeff Phipps, Managing Director & General Manager, ADP UK & Ireland
Measured pre and post our programme, employee turnover of a major logistics organisation dropped 11% and absenteeism decreased from 6.6% to 4.7%.
The Storytellers’ concept really helps crystallise our key messages and generates a very memorable platform for change that can be understood across the whole organisation, with legs to carry us forward into next year and beyond.
An electrical retailer’s Home Delivery Service scores rose 10 points to 93% following our programme – an all-time high
The Storytellers’ programme is simple and effective – everybody at every level understands what we’re trying to achieve.  It’s made a big difference to our organisation.  I have to say, it’s probably the best tool we’ve used to date, and we’ll continue to use it.
Distribution Director, Currys Supply Chain

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