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Our Financial Services client held a conference to launch its strategy to its top 230 leaders. To emotionally engage leaders and accelerate change, we designed a highly interactive story-driven event at London’s prestigious St. Pancras hotel: helping them understand the business journey, connect their role and contribution, and equip them with the tools and capability to inspire and engage their teams.

…inspiring belief,
uniting teams and
accelerating performance.

We do it all through the power and influence
of storytelling…

Our global manufacturing client held a leadership conference to inspire new levels of operational improvement from its top 150. Through immersive story-driven event design, we aligned leaders from 36 countries behind a simple, clear and compelling narrative that helped them take ownership of change, explore their contribution, and equip 26,000 employees to embed a culture of continuous improvement.

Our long-term Financial Services client has worked with us since 2006 to accelerate strategy, improve operations and develop capability from the boardroom to the front lines – all using the power and influence of storytelling to emotionally engage teams in change, inspire them with purpose and give them the tools for highly effective learning.

…the fastest way to connect people to purpose, head to heart, and words to action.

We helped our Financial Services client bring authenticity and momentum to their culture change programme through a series of Leadership Development interventions. We designed their leadership conference to deliver a streamlined programme in which leaders deeply explored the implications of the story for them as individuals and as a team, and align their mindsets and behaviours behind it.

We’ve enabled over 160 of the world’s biggest organisations in more than 30 countries…

One of the world’s largest entertainment resorts needed to embed a new culture of service excellence for over 12,000 employees. We designed and delivered an innovative story-driven Learning and Development programme, which used narrative to emotionally engage teams in a story of extraordinary service, and equip them to play their part in delivering it.

One of the world’s largest entertainment resorts needed to build its brand amid growing competition. We used our story-driven methodology to help them inspire a powerfully aligned business-wide brand culture that lived its values inside and out – sustained by networks of committed brand champions equipped with the motivation, means and momentum to inspire teams to deliver exceptional customer experiences every day.

Our global retail client needed to engage 2,000 managers in a radical business transformation. We helped leaders develop a simple, clear and compelling transformation story that emotionally connected managers to the journey, helped them find their role, and equipped them to deliver it - fully supported with the tools and capability to inspire their teams with the story and transition through change.

…to unlock the potential of their people and deliver extraordinary results.

We helped our global logistics client drive new levels of operational improvement and customer-centricity – creating a simple, clear and compelling story of operational excellence, supported by a full programme of Leadership Development and creative campaigns, that inspired employees to deliver more for customers, and equipped them with the mindsets and behaviours to take ownership of daily innovation.

We helped our multinational pharmaceutical client shake off inertia and embed a lasting culture of energised innovation in their Research and Development division. Through an integrated three-year programme, we emotionally engaged teams in a compelling strategic narrative and equipped them to deliver it through Leadership Development, events and conferences, Learning and Development and creative campaigns.

To help a multinational food manufacturer engage teams in a new strategy and embed a strong values-led culture, we designed a story-driven programme with a clear, simple and compelling strategic narrative at its heart. By emotionally connecting people to an inspiring social purpose and aligning mind-sets and behaviours, we motivated leaders and their teams to take ownership of customer-focused innovation.

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